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CDMA Signal Booster

CDMA Signal Boosters are frequently sought after by the customers. However, we suggest you to buy a dual band booster which has an in-built capacity of a CDMA Signal Booster. CDMA repeaters are not available standalone in the market. Rather, CDMA signal boosters are sold as part of Single Band or Dual Band boosters (offering both cellular as well as PCS band in North America). Most cell boosters, these days, come with an in-built CDMA repeater capacity. CDMA signal boosters are available in different categories.

Instead of buying a standalone CDMA Repeater, it is prudent to buy a Dual Band cell phone booster.

A dual band booster caters to all major frequencies that most telecom operators operate in North America. It is advisable and prudent to buy a dual band booster which has a CDMA repeater capacity, because even if you change your cell phone or service provider in future, you do not have to worry about getting a new booster. Your CDMA repeater will continue to work even with the new service provider.

To help you choose the best CDMA repeater, here is a step-by-step approach –

Step – 1:

Select the desired application. Do you want to have a CDMA repeater for use in a building, a vehicle or for portable use?

Step – 3:
After reading the relevant articles, you will be able to narrow your choices to 2-3 CDMA Repeaters. Thereafter, you can do a comparative analysis of these CDMA signal boosters by reading the specific articles on your selected booster. Accordingly, you can then choose the best one that suits your requirements.

Additionally, you can also have a look at our complete list of Signal Boosters which offer CDMA signal boosting

We highly recommend you to buy a CDMA Signal Booster built inside a dual band booster
Please avoid buying a single band CDMA booster as far as possible

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