Cell Phone Booster for Home

Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home is one of the most sought after category of cell phone boosters. When it comes to cell phone booster for home, it becomes very important to clearly outline what our requirements are and what do we expect the home cell phone signal booster to deliver.

Cell Phone Booster for Home

Cell Phone Booster for Home

There are a variety of cell phone signal boosters for home – each signal booster satisfying a different need of the customer. So, let’s first outline what are the main deliverable of this category – cell phone signal booster for home.

Main Deliverable – Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

  1. As the name suggests – home cell phone signal booster – these category repeaters are mainly meant to be used indoors
  2. This category can be further divided into two sub categories –
    1. Home Cell Phone Signal booster for your work space, one room or a small area where you need to boost the transmission and reception of cell signals (max. 1000 to 1200 sq. ft. area). It works great if you have a small apartment in an urban setting.
    2. Home cell phone booster for home (entire house) – (max. 1500 to 2500 sq. ft. area)
  3. I always recommend dual band home cell phone booster – Frequencies of all major carriers of North America are covered and you need not worry about finding out the specific frequency at which your carrier operates. Moreover, this will also give you the flexibility to change your service provider in future without worrying about buying a new booster. However, if you are still using iDEN band (Nextel) then these home cellular repeaters and boosters might not be helpful. In that case, you will have to refer to the specialized boosters for iDEN.
  4. All generations of CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and 3G are covered by this category. If you are looking for an indoor cell phone signal booster specifically for 4G (used by T Mobile), you can find more details here.
  5. All new generation home cell phone boosters are wireless and you need not keep your cell phone constantly plugged to the boosters (as used to happen previously).
Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

If you are also looking for boosting the cell signal in your vehicle when you are on road, you might want to refer to portable cell phone boosters which serve the 2-in-1 purpose of working both indoors as well as on the road. However, in such case, I would strongly suggest you to consider two separate boosters – one for home and another for your car – as it could be a hassle to keep moving your booster between your car and home every single day.

Before we move on, I will suggest you to go through this note about certain misconceptions about what a cell phone signal booster can/cannot do.

Salient points about cell phone signal booster for home

  1. All of them have the following standard features common to most new home cell phone boosters
    1. Extends battery life of your cell phone
    2. Boost your cellular reception. So, no more dropped calls. Additionally, you can experience higher speed for your data transfer like text messages, MMS, internet access through your cell phone, access apps quickly, etc.
    3. All are plug and play kits. Do not require complex installation help.
    4. Support multiple cellphones and multiple cellular data cards usage in the coverage area
    5. Come as complete kits. You need not buy anything extra
    6. Come with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, if you buy from Amazon you get 30-day money back guarantee and you could also have free 2-day shipping (by signing up for Amazon Prime free trial)
  2. Cell Phone home boosters for a small work area or one room coverage
    1. Wilson 841245 AG SOHO 60 – a basic model and has been quiet successful
    2. Wilson 801247 SignalBoost DT AG – an improvisation from 841245. Has better aesthetics.
    3. zBoost YX540 Metro – Specifically designed for a max 1200 ft. coverage in an urban setting. Similar to Wilson 801247 Signalboost DT.
    4. zBoost YX540 Metro iP– Specifically designed for iPhone users. Everything else is the same as other boosters in this category

      cell signal booster for home

      cell signal booster for home

  3. Cell phone home booster for the entire house
    1. Wilson 841262 – Robust coverage. Comes with omin-directional antenna. Handy if you are not sure of the direction of your nearest cellular tower
    2. Wilson 841263 – Same as 841262 except that it comes with a wide-band directional antenaa. Gives max. reception if antenna is set up in the direction of the nearest cellular tower
    3. zBoost YX545 SOHO – Has been the no.1 Bestseller in signal booster category on Amazon for more than a year now. Has all the features similar to Wilson 841262.

Comparison Chart – Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

Cell Phone Booster for Home – A Comparative Product Manual

Other boosters also available in this category (you can find a complete list here for small area boosters and this page for entire house boosters). However, I won’t recommend any of those because of one or more of the following reasons –

  1. They are outdated. Newer options are available in the market
  2. They do not come as ready-made kits and choosing the right antenna for your booster might turn out to be a big headache. You have to choose each component separately
  3. They are not much in demand due to their poor performance
  4. Manufacturers have stopped promoting these boosters

So, which cell phone home booster will you buy?

For small area boost

Performance + Aesthetics + Price sensitiveWilson 801247 Signalboost DT AG is the booster to go for. It has been consistently ranked amongst the top-10 best sellers on Amazon. Moreover, in its category of boosting a small coverage area, it is at the top. It looks good on the table, doesn’t require any efforts for installation and has decent performance reviews.

Pure Performance – If you are looking for pure performance and want to have a long term solution without much importance to aesthetics, you would want to consider buying Wilson 841245 AG SOHO 60. However, you will have to pay more and is not very great in terms of looks.

Price sensitivity – want a quick fix? zBoost YX540 Metro and Metro iP (For iPhone) could be your best bet. Customer reviews indicate that the booster loses its impact after moving 5-10 ft. away. So, as long as you are keeping your booster in the room from where you are going to make maximum calls, it should be OK. But, do not expect great performance from it as has been claimed by the manufacturer. However, if you really want something that costs on the lower side, you can go for this (It costs $100 less than the Wilson 801247 SignalBoost DT AG)


indoor cell phone signal booster

indoor cell phone signal booster

For the entire house

Pure PerformanceWilson 841262 kit is the best option for you. It has also got excellent customer reviews and has been a big hit. Of course, it costs about $140 more than zBoost YX545, but you will never repent for paying that extra bit. It comes with an omni-directional antenna and so you need not worry about finding out the exact location of your nearest cellular tower.

Price sensitivity – If you are flexible with getting a lower performance and making calls from 1-2 rooms of your house which has a better reception, you should go for zBoost YX545. It has been no.1 on Amazon amongst all cell phone boosters, which is mainly due to its attractive pricing compared to Wilson 841262. Even though it has a poorer customer review rating compared to Wilson, you might still want to spend less and save some money.


Where to buy a Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home?

I would strongly recommend buying from Amazon. Before you buy a booster, I would suggest you to read this detailed note about the merits of buying it from Amazon (online) compared to buying it anywhere else and definitely not from your neighborhood electronics store. Some of the main advantages of buying from Amazon are –

  1. Lowest price. Prices at other online stores are higher. Definitely not worth buying from your neighborhood store
  2. Comes out with occasional sales and price reductions
  3. Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  4. Offers 2-day free shipping through Amazon Prime (it’s a free trial)
  5. Most trusted name for online shopping
  6. Delivery at your door-step without wasting your time
  7. 24-7 Tech Support and Excellent Tech assistance if you run into any problems
  8. Excellent Online technical assistance for installation as well (if you face any issues doing it yourself)

To find out more about your chosen cell phone booster (specifications, features, installation guide, etc.), you can go to its booster specific page on this website.

To get answers to some basic questions about the cell phone signal booster for home, you can visit the FAQ section. Most of your questions will be answered there.

To get frequent updates about any price reductions or sale on Amazon for Cell Phone Boosters for home, please enter your email address below. I will add you to my subscribers list and update you as and when any special offers are put up by Amazon.

If you have any questions which still remain unanswered, you can post them in the comments on product or category specific page, or even in the FAQ section. But please make sure you go through the website in detail before posting a question. It will save you and me a lot of time.


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