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Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster

What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster is a device that helps in boosting or amplifying the signals transmitted and received by your cell phone. These cell phone signal boosters are similar in size and shape as a typical Wi-Fi router. They function on the same frequency levels as your cell phone system and thus, help in making your calls sound clearer and crisper.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster

This way you do not have to get into the hassles of changing your cell phone service provider or even changing the location of your house. These are handy solutions and most cell phone boosters do not require your cell phone to be connected to any wires or special gadgets for improving the connectivity. Of course you can choose to have a direct-connect booster which increases the cell signal multiple times, but those are rare these days. Moreover, a cell phone signal booster does not change the way you talk or currently interact on phone.

Most cell phone boosters are dual band signal boosters, which mean that they are compatible with all major cell phone networks in North America. Please note that currently we review only those boosters which can function in North America. These boosters are not helpful in Europe, as the telecom carriers in Europe operate on a different frequency as compared to the telecom operators in North America.

Cell Phone Signal Booster can support single or even multiple users at once (up to at least 20 cell phones). So a cell phone booster can be used not only at home but also for your business where mobile phones are indispensable equipment. So even if you reside or work in a dead-spot – area where there is poor or no signal, you can now get that cell phone you’ve always wanted with a cell signal booster. Additionally, you could also extend your cell phone’s battery life by using a cell phone booster. This is because in areas with poor signal, a cell phone has to exert tremendous strain to search and connect with a cellular tower, which leads to quick draining of your cell phone’s battery. However, after you get a booster, a cell phone works seamlessly without exerting additional drain on its battery. You could even go with a 3G or 4G phone because cellular repeaters could also boost 3G/4G signals of all 3G/4G data cards and phones.

To know more, please read our detailed note on what a cell phone booster can do and cannot do. This will give you complete clarity about the role of cell phone boosters and will eliminate any misconception that you might have.

How do I know if I will benefit from a cell phone signal booster?

– Do you frequently suffer from dropped calls because of connectivity issues?

– Do you keep hearing frequent complaints from your callers about your cell being out-of-coverage?

– Do you often come across only 1 or 2 bars of cell phone signal on your display screen?

– Does your cell phone quickly run out of battery even though you charge it on a regular basis?

– Do you have to often change your positions or go to a spot with better coverage while talking on cell phone from your home?

– Do you feel that at times your Data speed is not as fast as your peers or friends because of poor connectivity?

– Do you experience poor or no connectivity while driving to work or generally when you are on the road?

If answer to any of the above questions is “YES”, then you definitely need to consider buying a cell phone booster. With this one time purchase, you will be able to eliminate all your troubles and resolve your poor connectivity situations once and for all. Additionally, you will not be required to keep getting into frequent spats with your cellular service provider. Also, you need not get into the hassles of changing your cell phone or service provider.

How to choose the right Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Ideally, the first question that needs to be answered is whether you need a cell phone booster for in-building use or for your vehicle. You might also want to consider buying a portable cell phone signal booster which you can use in your vehicle as well as your home/office. Based on that, you can read about the relevant sections on this website, and get acquainted with which booster will work best for you.

There are additional ways in which we have tried to classify the boosters –

  1. Based on Application – One room, entire house, vehicle or portable
  2. Based on supported bandwidth – Dual band, single cellular band, single PCS band (it is always advisable and prudent to buy a dual band booster only as it works with all types of service providers
  3. Based on the manufacturer – Wilson, Wireless Extenders, etc. are some of the leading manufacturers of cell phone boosters
  4. Based on your carrier – ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. (they also sell their own boosters, but they are almost always costly. Moreover, if you change your service provider in future, these booster are of no use)
  5. Based on the type of booster – Wireless or Direct-Connect. These days most customers prefer wireless boosters. However, if you are looking for a really powerful booster to be used in your RV or for your boat when you are going to go to very remote areas, direct-connect boosters could be a better choice.

Do I need to involve some professional technicians for installing a Cell Phone Booster?

The simple answer is NO. Most boosters available today come as a complete kit and do not require any complex installation. Moreover, these are plug-n-play kits which do not take more than a few minutes to get going.

All retail level cell phone signal boosters also come with simple instruction manuals for installation and do not require any major professional assistance. However, because of your physical restrictions or personal issues, if you are not in a position to install the antenna on the roof or outside your building and need some support, then it might be prudent to call some professionals. But otherwise, most of the customers that I have interacted with do not require any kind of assistance. There are a variety of self-help videos available online that can be helpful to you, if you are not comfortable in understanding the installation manual. Additionally, online stores like Amazon offer excellent customer and technical support through their dedicated phone lines. One can always call them for technical support, if the need be.

How to troubleshoot Technical problems with a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

In such instances, you can always the toll-free lines for technical assistance of the manufacturers or Amazon.

However, most customers do not require any extensive support. There could be some minor issues that you might want to have answers for. But, those issues can easily be clarified by just a short phone call. To be fair, you will require the same kind of assistance as you would have required for setting up your Wi-Fi router (if you have one).

I hope this will remove all your concerns regarding complex technical problems.

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