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Cradle Boosters

Cradle Boosters

Cradle Booster

Cradle Booster

Cradle Boosters is one of the recently introduced categories of cell phone boosters. When it comes to cradle boosters, it becomes very important to clearly outline what our requirements are and what do we expect the cradle booster to deliver. There are a variety of cradle boosters for car – each signal booster satisfying a different need of the customer. So, let’s first outline what are the main deliverable of this category of boosters.

  1. Cradle Boosters – These are 3rd generation vehicle cell phone boosters. Come as cradles with built-in inside antennas. Have best aesthetics and facilitates hands-free usage of your cell phones. These are meant mainly for single users and if required, can even be used indoors (cumbersome though)
  2. Dual band – Frequencies of all major carriers of North America are covered and you need not worry about finding out the specific frequency at which your carrier operates. Moreover, this will also give you the flexibility to change your service provider in future without worrying about buying a new booster. However, if you are still using iDEN band (Nextel) then these boosters might not be helpful. In that case, you will have to refer to the specialized boosters for iDEN.
  3. All generations of CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and 3G are covered by this category. If you are looking for a booster specifically for 4G (used by T Mobile), you can find more details here.

Before we move on, I will suggest you to go through this note about certain misconceptions about what a cell phone signal booster can/cannot do.

Salient points about cradle boosters

  1. All of them have the following standard features common to most new boosters
    1. Extends battery life of your cell phone
    2. Boost your cellular reception. So, no more dropped calls. Additionally, you can experience higher speed for your data transfer like text messages, MMS, internet access through your cell phone, access apps quickly, etc.
    3. All are plug and play kits. Do not require complex installation help.
    4. Come as complete kits. You need not buy anything extra
    5. Come with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, if you buy from Amazon you get 30-day money back guarantee and you could also have free 2-day shipping (by signing up for Amazon Prime free trial)
    6. Cell Phone cradle boosters for single users that facilitate hands-free operation
      1. Wilson 805201 iBooster Cradle Signal Booster for iPhone – Specially designed for iPhone users. Can be easily used with a Bluetooth or hands-free headset while driving
      2. Wilson 805206 C-BoosterCradle Signal Booster for Blackberry Curve. Has great aesthetics, and thus acts as a style symbol too
      3. Wilson 805221 U-Booster – Cradle Booster for All* Cell Phones – Most cell phones are supported by this cradle. However, based on our reviews, if looks of the booster are really not important then you can even consider using Wilson 801212 booster with a stand-alone cradle booster offered by Wilson Electronics.

You may also want to consider exploring portable cell phone boosters.  These do not come with any cradle, but are very portable between your vehicle and building. Moreover, they can also be used to boost signal in one-room or a small work area inside your home or office.

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