Wilson 801201

Wilson 801201 Dual Band (800/1900 MHz) Mobile Wireless – Many customers wrongly keep searching for Wilson 801201.

Wilson 801201

Wilson 801201

However, Wilson 801201 is just an amplifier and is not a complete kit. If one wants to use Wilson 801201 then you should buy Wilson 801212 which comes as a complete kit and has Wilson 801201 as its core booster.

Please visit the specific page of Wilson 801212 if you are interested in reading more about Wilson 801201.

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Wilson 801201 Product Specifications Sheet

Wilson 801201

Wilson 801201

Wilson 801201 – Specifications Table

Wilson 801212

Features Wilson 801212
DB Gain 40 dB / 45dB
Area Coverage vehicle
Vehicle Use Possible yes
Home/Office/Building Use possible? no
Frequency Supported dual band 824-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz
Extended Battery Life yes
Portable (Move Easily Between Vehicles)? no
Plug & Play Kit no
Supports Multiple Users (cell phones) yes
Data Cards Supported? yes
Multiple Data Cards? yes
Wireless yes
Antenna Type 12-inch Magnet-Mount exterior antenna (301103)
Complete Kit yes
Supported Networks CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and 3G
Non Supported Networks Except Nextel / iDen
Power consumption 6 V, 3 A max
Depth (Inches) 5.6
Width (Inches) 3.6
Height (Inches) 1.7
Weight (Ounces) 1.2 lbs
Warranty 1 year, 30-days
Package Includes everything included (amplifier (801201); the Low Profile interior antenna (301127) along with Wilson’s best-selling 12-inch Magnet-Mount exterior antenna (301103))
Lowest Price Available on Amazon (includes 30-day money back guarantee - Highly Recommended)
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Quick Link to Buy from Amazon Wilson Electronics 801212 Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle w, Low Profile Antenna - for Multiple Users


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