zBoost YX540

zBoost YX540 has been a poor performer ever since it was launched. zBoost YX540 is manufactured and marketed by Wi-Ex.

zBoost YX540 Metro

zBoost YX540 Metro

Though Wireless Extender enjoys a good reputation, it has failed to deliver as per expectations in case of zBoost YX540. This is evident from the poor customer reviews for zBoost YX540 left by its dissatisfied customers. Even then zBoost YX540 has still been in demand largely due to word-of-mouth and lack of awareness about better boosters in the market. At Cell Phone Booster Reviews, our team recommends its readers to consider buying a Wilson 801247 if you need a cell signal booster for a small area (one room) in a house; or you are looking for a good option for a small apartment in an urban setting.

Main Deliverable – zBoost YX540

  1. Meant to be used indoors
  2. Good for boosting cell signals in a small work space, one room, or a small apartment (max. 1000 to 1200 sq. ft. area)
  3. Dual band. So works with all major North American Carriers except Nextel (iDEN) and 4G (T mobile)
  4. All generations of CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and 3G are covered by this category. If you are looking for a booster specifically for 4G (used by T Mobile), you can find more details here.
  5. Wireless. You need not keep your cell phone constantly plugged to the booster

Before we move on, I will suggest you to go through this note about certain misconceptions about what a cell phone signal booster can/cannot do.

Salient points – zBoost YX540

  1. Has the following standard features common to most new boosters
    1. Extends battery life of your cell phone
    2. Boost your cellular reception. So, no more dropped calls. Additionally, you can experience higher speed for your data transfer like text messages, MMS, internet access through your cell phone, access apps quickly, etc.
    3. Plug and play kit. Does not require complex installation help
    4. Supports multiple cellphones and multiple cellular data cards usage in the coverage area
    5. Comes as complete kit. You need not buy anything extra
    6. Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, if you buy it from Amazon you get 30-day money back guarantee and you could also have free 2-day shipping (by signing up for Amazon Prime free trial)
  2. zBoost YX540 Metro is specifically designed for a max 1200 ft. coverage in an urban setting
  3. zBoost YX540 Metro and zBoost YX540 Metro iP (if you have an iPhone) could be your best bet if you want a quick and cheap fix to your cellular reception problems
  4. zBoost YX540 Customer reviews indicate that the booster loses its impact after moving 5-10 ft. away. So, as long as you are keeping your booster in the room from where you are going to make maximum calls, it should be OK
  5. Do not expect great performance from it as has been claimed by the manufacturer, particularly with regards to the max. coverage area
  6. Buy this booster only if you want something that costs on the lower side and still has an OK performance. This one costs about $100 less than its nearest competitor Wilson 801247 SignalBoost DT AG

Specifications Table

Wi-Ex zBoost Metro YX540 - Specifications & Features

Products/Features Wi-Ex zBoost Metro YX540
DB Gain 52dB
Application 2 Rooms in a Home
Area Coverage 1,500 Sq Ft
Vehicle Use Possible? No
Frequency Supported Dual Band (850 Mhz & 1900 Mhz)
Extended Battery Life yes
Portable No
Plug & Play Kit yes
Phone All phones
Minimum Signal Required for Operatrion 1 Bar
Supports Multiple Users? Multiple Users
Wireless yes (Cell Phone need not remain wired to the Booster)
Antenna Type Signal Antenna (comes along with the kit. You need not pay extra for this.)
Complete Kit Yes (everything is included. You need not buy anything extra.)
Supported Networks CDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, EVDO, 1xRTT, UMTS, HSPA, 3G
Non Supported Networks iDEN/Nextel, 4G, 2100 MHz (used by T Mobile in some states)
Power consumption  
Depth (Inches) 7.13
Width (Inches) 5.25
Height (Inches) 9.38
Weight (Ounces) 3 pounds
Warranty 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Package Includes Everything you need (zBoost Metro YX540 amplifier base unit, power supply, base unit antenna, coaxial cable (RG59-mini), signal antenna and mounting hardware)
Lowest Price Available on Amazon (includes 30-day money back guarantee - Highly Recommended)
Quick Link to read Customer Reviews Customer Reviews - zBoost YX540 Metro
Quick Link to Buy from Amazon Wireless Extenders zBoost YX540 Metro Dual-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster (Black/Grey)

zBoost YX540 Setup Illustration

zBoost YX540 Setup Illustration

How to install and setup zBoost YX540?

It is a very straightforward do-it-yourself plug-n-play kit. It doesn’t require any complex installation. You will not require any professional help. However, you can always contact the tech-support of Amazon if you need any assistance.

Download – zBoost YX540

Product manual

Installation guide

Product spec sheet

Where to buy zBoost YX540?

I would strongly recommend buying from Amazon. Before you buy a booster, I would suggest you to read this detailed note about the merits of buying it from Amazon (online) compared to buying it anywhere else and definitely not from your neighborhood electronics store. Some of the main advantages of buying from Amazon are –

  1. Lowest price. Prices at other online stores are higher. Definitely not worth buying from your neighborhood store
  2. Comes out with occasional sales and price reductions
  3. Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  4. Offers 2-day free shipping through Amazon Prime (it’s a free trial)
  5. Most trusted name for online shopping
  6. Delivery at your door-step without wasting your time
  7. 24-7 Tech Support and Excellent Tech assistance if you run into any problems
  8. Excellent Online technical assistance for installation as well (if you face any issues doing it yourself)

To get answers to some basic questions about the cell phone signal booster for home, you can visit the FAQ section. Most of your questions will be answered there.

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